Chronology Of Cambodian History
Indravarman I


Indravarman I succeeded his cousin Jayavarman III in 877. He said to be a grandson of King Rudravarman, who ruled in the last few years of the eight-century.

During his reign a large artificial lake, known as Indratataka, was constructed around the city of Angkor. The lake was the first part of a vast system of reservoirs, canals, and irrigation channels eventually built to permit the cultivation of rice on lands that would otherwise have remained unproductive.

He also built the first two of three sanctuaries, more imposing that those of any of his predecessors. The first two, Prasat Preah Ko and Bakong, were completed and dedicated during the early years of his reign, in 879 and 881, respectively. The third, Loley, was completed and dedicated by his son and successor in 893.

Indravarman I died at Hariharalaya in 889. He received the posthumous name of Isvaralok. He was succeeded by his son Yasovarman I.

[Some inscription referring to the King]

"It seems that the Creator, tired of creating so many kings, has made this King, Sri Indravarman, to suffice alone for the three worlds" Inscription praise Indravarman I

"When he mounted the throne,....the diadems of kings fell from their heads at his feet, as the stars fall from the sky at the rising of the sun" Inscription of Indravarman I's successors