Chronology Of Cambodian History
Ang Chan


Ang Chan I reigned from 1516 to 1566, one of the most illustrious Cambodian kings; he successfully defended his kingdom against Cambodia's traditional enemies, the Thais, invaded Siam, and brought peace to Cambodia.

The King succeeded his uncle, King Dharmarajadhiraja (Thommoreachea). After quelling rebellions inspired by a pretender to the throne, he was crowned at Pursat (Pouthisat), south of the Tonle Sap (Great Lake), in 1516. Ruling from Pursat until 1528, he reorganized the Cambodian army and held the Thais in abeyance. When he gained control of the city of Lonvek, he established his capital there. Ang Chan nearly lost his new capital to the Siamese until threats from the Burmese drew their attention from Cambodia. Taking advantage of the time to consolidate his forces, he secured his kingdom by 1540.

Ang Chan may have played a part in the reoccupation and rehabilitation of the former Khmer capital of Angkor (abandoned in the 15th century). This rehabilitation is, however, most correctly associated with the reign of his son, Barom Reachea I (r. 1566-1576). In 1553 Ang Chan built a new palace at Lonvek and was crowned again. Under his leadership, Cambodian forces attacked the Siamese capital during the period of 1559-1564; from then until his death in 1566 there was an interlude of peace.